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With conferences in New York, Los Angeles and London and with an online audience that reaches millions of professionals around the world, it provides your brand with unparalleled opportunities to reach new customers and grow your business.

STORIES: With Great Influence Comes Great Responsibility

The stories we tell, consume and share have the potential to shape who we are and what we become.

  • A shift toward the positive (which is good for business)
  • A shift away from the negative
  • A future where stories create positive change

Now is the time to take meaningful action

Social Media: Opinions or Opportunities?

The thinking behind our title is simple. Most people see social media merely as a stage for people vying for the most likes, thumbs-up, heart and smiley emojis. Influences and other users are just there to scoop up and/or increase followers in order to amass popularity that can then be converted into online benefits and advantages.


  • Why include Storytelling in your marketing strategy?(By brands using powerful storytelling)
  • Credibility of true info sharing and its consequences (ethics)

Welcome to Social Media Week Phnom Penh!

Social Media Week Phnom Penh is a premier conference for professionals in media, marketing, and technology. This conference features opportunities to learn from local and international professional marketing, media and technology speakers with a curiosity and passion for new ideas through a series of talks, interviews and panel discussions. Social Media Week Phnom Penh is licensed and organized by VR Event Planner Co., Ltd.