SMW Program


9:00 AM
Opening Remarks
MC Raindy
9:05 AM
Welcome Remark
Ms. TAK Pisith Rathlida

Executive Chairwoman
VR Event Planner Co., Ltd

9:10 AM
How can social media help my college/university and career goals?
Mr. SUN Sihamanith

Chief Executive Officer
Technology Solution Development TSD Co., Ltd.

9:20 AM
Are high school/university students without access to social media at risk from falling behind their peers?
Mr. Bun Park

Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer
Camazoon Co., Ltd and Founder of

9:30 AM
Panel discussion: "How to build your own positive image and brand yourself in a great way on Social Media" and "Why your image on social media impact to your career opportunity"?"
Moderator: Mr. Phon Piseth, Head of Marketing Communication, Smart Axiata
Mr. UNG Visoth Panha, Senior Brand and Digital Manager, Manulife Cambodia
Ms. PHIN Sodalis, Founder, The Katy Korner
Ms. RITHY Lomorpich, Founder of Plerng Kob
10:00 AM
10:10 AM
How has social media helped to shape - for better or for worse - people's new identities?
Mr. CHHON Sakol

Head of Marketing
TrueMoney Cambodia

10:20 AM
What are the basic steps in becoming a credible social media influencer?
Ms. RITHY Lumorpich

Plerng Kob

10:30 AM
Panel Discussion: "How can I use social networking sites for starting my own small business venture?"
Moderator: UNG Visoth Panha, Senior Brand and Digital Manager, Manulife Cambodia
Ms. Dek Dary, Founder and Director, 360 Events
Bun Park, Founder,
Mr. Sun Sihamanith, Chief Executive Officer, Technology Solution Development TSD Co., Ltd.
11:00 AM
Closing Remark
Ms. MAO Seyla

Chief Operations Officer
VR Event Planner Co.,ltd


8:15 AM
Opening Remark & National Anthem
MC DJ Nana
8:25 AM
Welcome Remark
Ms. TAK Pisith Rathlida

Executive Chairwoman
VR Event Planner Co., Ltd

8:40 AM
Predicting the downfall of companies and businesses that reject the utilization of social media. Will yours sink or swim?
Mr. Bernard Teo

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

8:50 AM
How can a company/brand effectively assess and partner with a social media influencer?
Ms. KEO Kounila

Managing Partner
Mekhala Radiant Communications

9:00 AM
What are the biggest business risks / opportunities if I use social media in my business?
Mr. HUN Heang

Chief Technology Officer

9:10 AM
How can social media generate beneficial business partnerships for my shop/company?
Mr. Summer

Artist and Founder
Summer Entertainment

09:35 AM
Panel Discussion: "What social media areas are seeing the most marketing innovations and how can businesses tap into them?"
Moderator: Ms. DEK Dary, Founder & Director, 360 Events
Mr. HUN Heang, Chief Technology Officer,
Mr. Bernard, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, YouAdMe
Ms. VANN Chanvetey, Brand Manager, Wing (Cambodia) Limited Specialised
10:10 AM
10:45 AM
Vitual reality and social media/marketing/opportunities
Mr. Chirmed Ochir Nyamdorj

Chief Executive Officer
UP TECH at Mongolia

10:50 AM
In the local market, what are the biggest hurdles to implementing an industry 4.0 strategy.
H.E HENG Sok Kung,

Secretary of State
Ministry of Industry and Handicraft

11.05 AM
Unleashing the power of data without violating the privacy of consumers.
Mr. Hubert Marchand

Country Director
ADA Asia

11:20 AM
"Panel Discussion: How is the society being shaped by digital and media tecchnology?
Moderator: Mr. Tim Grintal, Account Director, Creative and Digital Studio Branderz
Mr. Anirudh Singh Bhati, Legal Consultant & Partner at Mekhala Radiant Communications
Mr. Luis Arcangel, Chief Executive Officer, Montgomery Fitch + Associates in Philippine
Mr. Carls or Paps Chui, Host/Producer "The Chui Show" in Philippine
12:00 AM
Lunch Break
1:15 PM
How to convince a company’s senior management on the crucial need for digital technology.
Mr. Jake Chay

Founder and Director
Phenom Institute and Phenom Division in Singapore

1:25 PM
Can you be a digital leader without being a technology expert?"
Mr. Tomas Pokorny

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Pi Pay

1:45 PM
"Panel Discussion: How are traditional marketing and media organizations adapting to digital technology? Is there a conflict in terms of guidelines, parameters, standards, code of ethics, etc.?
Moderator: Mr. Kevin Chua, Director, Marketing & Communications, i-Qlick Marketing Co. Ltd
Mr. Samreth Muny, Chief Agency Officer, AIA Insurance
Mr. Tomas Pokorny, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Pi Pay
Mr. Keo Lundi, Chief Executive Officer, Baby Outlet
2:50 PM
What have social and digital media done to your business strategy and what can you do about it?
Mr. CHY Sila

Chief Executive Officer and Founder
Sabay Digital Group

3:00 PM
How will financial transactions in a more digitally connected world be different and what will it mean for SMEs?
Ms. CHUM Monika

Country Manager
Visa Cambodia

3:10 PM
Which particular Industry 4.0 innovation initiative is best suited for SMEs in Cambodia?
Mr. SOK Sopheakmongkol

Chief Executive Officer

3:20 PM
Panel Discussion: Presenting the country’s present and potential business ventures that can best benefit from Industry 4.0.

Moderator: MC DJ Nana
Mr. HUN Chansan
Mr. H.E. HENG Sok kung, Secretary of State, Ministry of Industry and Handicraft
Mr. CHY Sila, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Sabay Digital Group
3:50 PM
Closing Remark
Ms. MAO Seyla

Chief Operations Officer
VR Event Planner Co., Ltd

4:00 PM
Winner Announcement and End of Programme