Sopheakmonkol Sok

Sopheakmonkol is the co-founder and CEO of Codingate and the Cambodian Young Entrepreneur Smart Technology Award 2016 and forbes 30 under 30 asia 2017, ASEAN Best Founder of Year 2017, ASEAN-India Young Leader of Year 2018. He is an inspirational leader in the Cambodia tech community, his company started as a 2013 project where engineers got together to develop technical solutions, not for money but in exchange for laptops. With the success of the initial project, Codingate was established with the mission to continue helping more young students gain employment through his web and mobile development and digital marketing company.

He has empowered young talented Cambodians by providing guidance and direction for work teams and is the key business and technical liaison for clients and investors. He possesses a strong foundation in International relations, interpersonal communication, public presentation and speaking skills, team leadership, management, and motivation, as well as providing the technical skills required to effectively manage and grow the Codingate tech venture. So far, they have provided services for 100 clients across sectors including hospitality, education, NGOs.

His future business aspiration is that his Codingate team will have the ability position as tech leader and grow their own tech ventures by using Codingate’s sustainable business model and receive support and investment for their ventures.