Social Media Influencer & Media Personality

Neang Sovathana (Nana) has become a target of attention of social media as a young initiative successful woman who stand up for what she believes in. She is very famous for her perfection in various social skills. Starting as a volunteer at an organization, she has experienced quite a varieties of works throughout her past; from a volunteer to interpreter, radio host (counsellor), translator, even MC for various event and TV.

In 2009, her career as a counsellor on “Lovely Night” show at Sarika FM enabled her to be known by many people for her good advice. She started her Facebook page in 2013 but her page started to grow in popularity earlier in 2015 as she stop hosting “Lovely Night”. She started gaining organic fans by answering to her fans problem via video post on her Facebook page. Other than her time on Facebook. Nana is currently working at PNN TV Cambodia and a radio host at Radio 94 FM.

Let’s leave the millennial coolness to digital and embrace our SMW Phnom Penh.